3 Novel Uses for Wide Format Graphics

Most businesses know wide format print as a staple of office parties, industry expos, and other corporate events. Posters, banners, and charts are an important part of life in the workplace, but many don’t realize the variety of applications that exist for large format graphics. The format lends itself to creativity and fun, and can be advantageous in any field. Here we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite uses, but we invite you to come up with your own!

  1. Interior Design: With high quality wide format printing and lamination, office space need never be boring. Walls, floors, ceilings, and even furniture can be printed with whatever you desire. From quirky decorations like blue skies on the ceiling or interactive wallpaper to pragmatic but inventive solutions like mock-marble flooring, print design opens up the door to a bevy of imaginative design solutions. This ceiling mural in Toronto is a great example. If your place of business needs some livening up, it’s an option to seriously consider.
  1. Company Merchandise: For many businesses, object merchandising is fundamental to branding. Sharing that carefully crafted logo with your employees and clients helps encourage loyalty and can even boost sales. Large format printing lets a company think beyond the standard pens and lanyards; printed laptops, basketballs, surfboards or even guitars can be eye-catching showpieces in your next raffle or gift package.
  1. Creative Advertisements: Since so much of today’s marketing moves through digital channels, ads in the analog world have to work extra hard to draw the attention of busy consumers. Physical space has its own merits, however, especially with the possibilities afforded by wide format graphics. Delivery trucks, bus stations, windows, and escalators –all are potential canvasses for your company’s message. Clever utilization of these mundane locations are often whimsical and humorous, but they’re always memorable. Red Bull, for example, has always found interesting ways to promote their brand with graphics.

Wide format, flat bed printers are capable of printing on many different substrates (materials). These include any paper, foam core, flexible plastics, vinyl, textiles, canvas, aluminum, acrylic, Coroplast, and even wood.

The uses of wide format print in promoting your brand are only limited by imagination and available space.

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