Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Direct Mail Drives Measurable Results

The Millennial generation, born between 1977 and 2000, was raised in the digital age. But studies show that Millennials prefer to receive marketing offers in print.

90% of them say that direct mail ads are reliable and 57% report that they have made purchase decisions based on receiving them.

Direct mail is a key component of multi-channel marketing campaigns. While many purchases will take place online, direct mail has been shown to influence 70% of online purchases. The use of variable data printing allows for personalization that increases engagement with the recipient.

Key components of a successful direct mail campaign

  • Defined goals and objectives
  • Accurate data lists that meet NDI (National Delivery Index) ratings
  • Short and compelling copy
  • Clear calls to action
  • High resolution graphic images
  • Engaging graphic design
  • Paper choice

The use of SMART calls to action, like QR codes, and multi-variate testing with variable data helps you measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

From inception to completion, goals and objectives to the mailbox, we partner with you to develop successful direct mail campaigns.